Book Review by Guest Blogger: Nicollette Violante

When I first received this book, as a going away present from my mother, I was a bit skeptical. As a college bound teenager, the last thing I wanted to think or read about was STDS. However, once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. Every single story was absolutely realistic and easy to read; I was not bogged down by medical jargon or bored by one-dimensional and similar characters. The book is well organized and very informative while entertaining. Sure, it was cheesy at times, but it made its point. At the end of each little vignette or story there are little fact sheets about the certain STD that the character dealt with, although I found the information a bit repetitive, since it was already used in the story. Nonetheless, it provides a great resource and information sheet. A quick read; I recommend that everyone reads this for a better understanding of STDS and how they’re spread. I’m happy to say that because of this book, I have certainly been very careful in college and remember important information and facts regarding STDS. It certainly is a creative and entertaining way to learn!

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