A Woman’s Pirate Story

Having been born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, one of Caribbean Pirate’s historical hideouts, was no coincidence. In fact, my father’s love for Pirate’s adventures was one of the reasons he chose Venezuela as an option when thinking of migrating out of Italy. I was already a pirate story fan when I learned of that particular family fact, so it was only natural I picked Quintspinner: A Pirates Quest by Dianne Greenlay.
To me it was intriguing to find a female’s point of view in such a masculine story line, as the Author and the main character were women.

Coming from a sheltered environment Tess Willoughby, daughter of a 1717 London physician, finds herself in a horrifying adventure as a trip to the local market place ignites a chain of uncontrollable events. Tess not only witnesses an old seer’s murder, but she discovers she is not who she thought, as old family secrets are revealed. Furthermore, her life takes a turn for the worst when her family embarks to America and her ship falls into Pirates hands.

Although I felt the ending was weak, overall, I found Quintspinner to be a good read. The storyline kept me on the edge throughout and the end promised more to come. I hope a continuation of this story is on the works and that it will fill the weak points on this one.

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