Is Who We’ve Become, Who We Really Are?

Through my adult life I’ve always wondered who I am.

Looking back into my childhood, I realized that I was not connecting with the girl within my memories. How did I become someone so different, that I felt no connection to her?

Through my journey of getting to know my parents and understanding who they were, I found that little girl buried within, me and thus my new journey began. I now am discovering who I am every day as I combine who I was as a child, and who I became through all of my life experiences and events. This new journey is based on a new understanding of all my past experiences.
The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference, by Irene Watson illustrated the process I had been going through for years, but it also gave me a new insight to it.

It showed me that a new understanding of our life complements with a new interpretation from within.

I read this book thinking it was a memoir. But although I did find an inspiring, entertaining, and touching account of a life through a little girl’s point a view; I found a step by step guide for my own journey.

Through The Sitting Swing, Irene reminded me that the way we interpreted things when we were little was conditioned by our lack of knowledge and experience. I learned through Irene’s journey how we can re-interpret our lives with our adult knowledge, our new understanding of ourselves, and our own experiences, to make our current lives better.

This is a touching story based on the author’s life. But make no mistake, it is also a self-help book for a better life.

Ifound an interview with Irene about her book The Sitting Swing, with Inside Scoop Live! Hope you enjoy it.To listen to interview visit I Have Something To Say Live.


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