Re-thinking Technological Progress – Japan’s Tragedy

Yesterday I found myself reviewing in my mind all of the “Doom’s documentaries that have been buzzing on History Channel lately. We are used to worrying about apocalyptic events separately. We worry about Natural Disasters, War, Illness, Famine, and Ecological Accidents. But I had never put them all together into one tragedy until yesterday.
It wasn’t until I read the news about the Quake, Tsunami and the malfunction of Nuclear Plants that it clicked in my mind. Visions of links in a chain reaction with no precedent shrunk my heart as I listened to the news this morning that the containment room of one of the plants exploded. Needless to say that my heat, thoughts and prayers are with Japan, even though I know no one there. It is only natural to feel for other nations in moments of tragedy, but when you have clear in your mind that we are all part of the same organism, being Earth, and thus what happens to some will affect the others eventually, a sense of urgency kicks in.
What good is all of this technology, when its vulnerability and devastating consequences become a fact? Is progress worth this risk? How much is Humanity as a whole benefiting, when there are nations that receive no relief from famine, plagues, or war from the technological progress of other nations. Is it possible that Technology unlimited progress will actually be more a doom than a blessing for the planet? I think that more than ever we as people need to re-visit these questions. We as people need to demand that all Political, Economic, and Scientific leaders re-visit these questions to generate boundaries that will allow considering Humanities risks before producing new technology.
Why do we spend so much time watching meaningless entertainment shows and so little doing something about our own wellbeing, our own life, our own survival as humans?
Are we following Atlantis’ demise or can we learn from the moral of this Legend?  I wonder…
I pray that what is Japan’s tragedy will become Humanity’s blessing as we all watch in horror what can ultimately happen to all of us. I pray that our leaders take this hint and re-think their decisions putting Humanity’s safety first instead of the $ sign.
I hope that we all realize that we are the only real power for change; that if we don’t care about all of us as part of the same living organism, we will be hurting ourselves; that change will come only by the addition of little changes. That it will be our attitude towards our own vulnerability that will turn things around so that we get a grip and gain true control of our future as Humans by the leaders that we choose, by how we utilize science, by how we utilize technology. Will we use our knowledge to help each other grow as one, or will we use our knowledge to create our own demise?

To Help Japan through Red Cross


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