The Everyday Housewife by Bryan Foreman Book Review – Be careful with what you day dream!

When I read the back of The Everyday Housewife: “When I thirsty – eight-year-old housewife Katharine Beaumont learns that her husband Frank has had an affair, she snaps. Leaving behind her two ungrateful teenagers and her cheating husband…headed for New York City where she plans to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a best-selling novelist.” I must admit that it rang a familiar tone with own bad day dreaming escapes, except for the cheating husband (I hope).

I started reading the book also intrigued on the fact that it was a woman’s point of view written by a man. Although this hilarious story turns dark, I found myself laughing out loud few times to Foreman’s rebellious writing style, and clichés generosity. He put together all the writing standards and rules, tossed them out the window, and created a truly fun read. Although, I am not a dark comedy fan, and would have preferred a stronger ending, I found the over the top clichés hilarious, and did enjoy its dark story line and humor.  If you enjoy dark, hilarious, and murder; check it out!

Susan Violante


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