Frozen in Time will freeze you until the end!

Friendship vs. Greed. Man vs. Nature. Good vs. Evil…which will prevail?  In this adventure at the bottom of the world the reader will be glued to the pages of Frozen in Time by its intriguing plot, unique setting, and interesting characters as well as to find out which one prevails.
Ted Cohen mastered a great fictional adventure by mixing his own scientific background and exploring adventures with real events.  His exceptional writing allows the reader to easily follow the story as he presents a ton of scientific information, wonderful descriptions of unique cultures and faraway lands, and a rich adventure with intrigue, suspense and murder.
Having ventured myself to remote beaches and rain forests in Venezuela many years ago, I identified with the fear and excitement that comes with exploring the unknown nature from an unfamiliar territory.  Although the beginning of the book feels like a narrative, the writing progresses with the story as the narration takes the back seat, and the action grabs the reader.   I truly enjoyed reading about Antarctica, and picturing such unique land. I was pulled into the story with each page read, and was mesmerized by the twist in the end!  I will definitely read book 2 of Ted’s series.
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