We still Have Today

I have always been a dreamer. While growing up I would spend the hot afternoons daydreaming over music in my bedroom, or listening to my Grandmother’s war survival stories. But as I grew up the dreaming time got substituted with responsibilities, and worries.  Every time I think about those days and my Grandmother stories, I wonder if she ever realized any of her dreams.  She was reaching her 80s the last time I saw her, and as she passed away I still wondered because, I could not imagined someone so old believing in living their dreams.

We sometimes get so involved in our “have to” and “can’t do” on our days filled with tight schedules, and demands that we forget that what we really have in our pocket is “today.”
I recently spoke to my father’s 87 year old cousin, Gina Camillo, and thanks to her I put everything into perspective again.  Gina is 86 years old (going on 87…), she has been retired in Florida for many years and just came out with her first musical cd. Where she sings!

Yes, we have to do certain things. We must work, do laundry, take care of our kids…etc., but without taking time to enjoy activities that make us happy, to enjoy the clothes we washed, to enjoy our kids and family; all of the “must do” of our day was useless!
Time goes by and our future becomes our present, so if we don’t learn to enjoy our present, we will never enjoy the life we have tried to create through our work. ..Not even when we retire.

Yes, everything is back into perspective. I am not too old to dream, not too old to do things that make me happy, not too old to live my dreams…I still have today. Listen to Gina’s interview on I Have Something to Say LIVE.

Susan Violante


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2 Responses to We still Have Today

  1. tcwhalen says:

    This is too true, Mrs. V! Something I have a problem with remembering, thanks for this 🙂


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