Tripoli in Turmoil – Again

When I heard about Tripoli in the news I got goose bumps.  It was only a week before that I had read about Tripoli during WWII as I checked the Galleys for Innocent War revised edition. I looked at the videos and decided to call my father,

“Dad, have seen the news?” I asked

“Yes,” he answered.

“I guess Qaddafi is up for change,” I said.

“It could be just History repeating itself.” He replied.

I was intrigued to know more about his thoughts. I mean how many people outside of Libya can we speak to who knows what Libya was like before Qaddafi.

“Dad, could I interview about what’s going on in Libya?” I asked with my fingers cross.

“But I am no expert.”

“Yes, but you lived there in the Italian Colonies. I just want to know what Libya was like before Qaddafi and your thoughts on what’s going on.” I insisted.
“But, you know I have an accent,”

“Yeah, me too!” I was not about to quit on this idea.

“Okay, but remember I will turn 82 in one month…I don’t know how much I remember.” He concluded and we set up a time.

As usual, the point of view of someone who has had firsthand experience of the fear that goes hand in hand with any kind of war and its consequences was simple, honest, true and to the point, and most of all; enlightening. My thoughts go to everyone in Tripoli, Egypt and any other place in turmoil in the world.

Listening to experts, analysts, politicians…gives us factual information and educated guesses on what the outcome of the conflict might be. Nino has pointed out many of their views just by his own life experiences; but enriched my understanding with the Inside knowledge that he provided about Tripoli’s History, people and culture as he remembers it, as well as his insight views on why the question in hand is whether this time is really the beginning of change or just History repeating itself. I encourage everyone to listen to him, and other people who have lived similar situations when trying to figure out why political stability is so unpredictable in some countries.  Why we should learn more of their History before judging their cultures. Click here to listen to Nino’s LIVE Interview about the situation in Tripoli.

Susan Violante


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