College Freshmen Girls, the Aftermath of a First Semester

This past winter break in my household was different because it marked the end of my daughter’s first semester in college. It was nice to have my family whole at home again, and as we sat together and got caught up with all of the family happenings I realized how much she had changed. I was no longer talking to a teenager; I was speaking with a confident young adult.

I wished I knew more about her life in college but on the same hand I knew I couldn’t intrude boldly in her life without showing disrespect. I got an idea:

“Nico, can I interview you and a friend about your experiences and lessons learned during your first semester in college?” I asked, expecting a yeah right…

“Sure. Me and Taylor?” she answered, yes the teenager was long gone…

I got to it. I scheduled the conference call, put together questions, and talking points, researched their respective colleges, excited about my own cleverness. But as I went on, I realized this interview was not for me. This interview was exactly what I needed but never got when I was 17 (not so long ago really…), and was facing my first semester in a college away from home.

I remembered how afraid and self-conscious I felt throughout the semester, especially coming from South America to North Carolina. I remembered how I was humbled by the fact that I ended up going back home.
The time for the interview came and as I listened to Nicollette and Taylor, I was humbled again. Their genuine confidence, honesty and candidness came through with each answer. Their fears were not different than mine years before them. The strength of their resolute and aspirations was a different thing. My selfish motives which originated the interview idea in my mind had disappeared.

An insight within such a scary new life stage for so many would be made available, and so I remain proud and inspired by this youth brave enough to dream, ambitious enough to follow those dreams, humble enough to share their fears, their experience, and their gained wisdom.
To listen the LIVE interview visit

Susan Violante


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