I Have Something To Say Live Goes on Video with Author David Wallace Fleming!

I am always on the look for interesting stories to present on I Have Something To Say Live, so when I found out about David Wallace Fleming’s audio book Not From Concentrate I quickly emailed him to secure an interview. I never expected this interview would also be filmed!

As we met and spoke about his project, he threw the idea of capturing the interview on film. I’ll always try everything at least once, so I jumped on the opportunity and said yes. Did I mention I don’t have a clue about editing footage?

 I think I don’t even own a camera? I thought at the time…oh well we’ll figure it out…

The day of the interview came finally arrived.

“So, where is your webcam? I brought a stand, just want to try it to see if it works’” asked David.

“What webcam? I thought you were bringing the camera,” I said hoping he was joking.

Well, he wasn’t joking, and O didn’t have a webcam. But we didn’t despair; instead we put all of our resources together. My laptop (which has a webcam), his podium to hold the laptop, my stools to sit down, his microphone, my lights, his light stand… We improvised our studio!

After five hours of trial and error, we finished recording the footage. Now, I had to figure out the editing…

Crazy but, in retrospect this is what it is all about! Dreams come true only if we move our lives towards them. An idea is only an idea unless you roll up your sleeves and make it happen. We have to figure things out as we go forward, but forward we must go…

David Wallace Fleming had an idea; he came up with the stories, and decided to create an audio book.  But he didn’t stop there; he actually created the audiobook himself! Not from Concentrate is a collection of short stories performed by the author.  It is now available in Amazon.com. For more information you can also visit amzn.to/dwallacefleming.

Check out the video!

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