Unfinished Business by Theodore Jerome Cohen – Book Review

Unfinished Business starts where Frozen in Time left off.  I expected to find the same narrative style of Frozen in Time, but to my surprise this continuation was in third person! I found it very easy to follow, even if the reader didn’t read the first book. Sherlock Holmes style detective work made this book an interesting read. I loved to learn about military internal affairs investigative work in South America, and found it hard to put the book down. In all it took me a little over a couple of days to finish. Well done again Ted!

After Ted Cohen returned to the United States, the greed motivated chain of murders continued.  Three murders and the missing loot keeps Valderas busy as he follows his theory that Munoz has been behind it since the beginning.

Again, a show down on Good vs. Evil keeps the reader glued to the story from the beginning. The end of the book is a promise of continuation of the story, which I look forward to reading!

To Listen to Inside Scoop Live’s Interview of the Author about the first book, Frozen in Time visit I Have Something to Say Live!


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