Our Teens and Driving Ed

As my youngest daughter Ari gets ready to start driving, I remember about her oldest sister crashing her car three times in one month. Two of those times were on our driveway against my new car! So in all honesty, we have not been looking forward to start this teen driving process all over again, and have been really taking our time and coming up with excuses to delay it.

However, we realized that we could not avoid letting our last little baby taking the wheel, and so I started looking for driving schools, finally.
Now, with Nico, my search strategy was to find the driving school closest to the house, because we were in the middle of carpooling nightmares every day. Because of our jobs commute, mine at 45 min away north and my husband’s 30 minutes south, we were desperate to alleviate the driving around to comply with everyone’s schedules. After experiencing the crude realities of teen driving, and me working mostly from home, this time my strategy changed.

This is why I was very happy to come across with Thomas Sullivan, author of Life in the Slow Lane. A Graduate from Washington State University, Thomas has been a long time teacher in vocational education. His Ebook, is a memoir about teaching driver education for a cut-rate company in Oregon. I decided to invite him to I Have Something To Say Live, and get first hand inside information.
He not only made me aware of what goes on how some of these schools really operate, he also gave me the following tips when searching for a school:

• Search the Consumer Complaint Burroughs and reviews on search engines, such as yelp.com
• Ask them all kinds of questions about the safety of their cars, and even how many hours the instructors teach daily.
• Get references from people you know.

You can find his ebook through Amazon.com or http://www.thomassullivanhumor.com.

I encourage you to listen to what he has to say, especially if your teens are getting close to driving!


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