Jose Avila – An Immigrant, An American

It feels great to be home, but as I get settled into my routine again I can’t stop thinking on how many times I felt the same thing throughout my life in different places…in different countries. As we drove down the street and the warmth of home made itself present in my heart, I remembered all the times I felt the same thing coming back to my home in Venezuela, or Italy. I paused for a moment in my head as I realized I loved more than one country…more than one Nation.

The more I think about it the more messed up I feel! When I lived in Venezuela, I was considered by many as an Italian. I moved to Florida, and most people there considered me Latin because I came from South America. Then in 1992 my husband got transferred to Rome, so we moved to Italy…only to find that most there considered us Americans!

I could drive myself crazy with this, but there is a simple way to see it. Who says we can’t love more than one country, more than one culture?  I am a product of three cultures, so loving just one for me is not an option.  But what about the people whose background is a defined nationality, and moved to a different country were they end up living a second life? This is the case of Jose Avila, an Immigrant; an American. Listen to what he has to say on I Have Something To Say Live!


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