Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage by Judith Anne Desjardins – A Book Review

I decided to read Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage when it got Reader Views’s Book of the year.  It presents a comprehensive approach to a healthy life by guiding the reader to search within. Desjardins presents information about our psychological development in a very simple way. The reader will be able to apply this found knowledge onto themselves immediately through simple charts and questionnaires. But she doesn’t stop there!  She also shares her own journey, showing her charts as example. At the end, my favorite part, Desjardins shares stories written by some of her patients during their writing therapy.

I’m always open to self-growth books, however many times I don’t get to the end without skipping pages.  This time was different. I loved it. I took my time, took the questionnaires, and read the stories. I found this book to have a well of knowledge, without feeling like a textbook; I also found it personable without being preachy. Very well written, it will keep the reader reading while finding insights about themselves. Truly a book of the year! To


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