The Last Angry Man, interview with Dr. Melvin H. Kirshner

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I am not a great advocate for our current healthcare system, and most times fall into passionate arguments about how it is designed in fact to benefit big Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies instead of patients. But, most of my opinions are based mostly on my own bitter disappointments throughout my life as a patient. In all honesty this one subject I have truly never researched objectively at all; so when I came across with the book All Medicines are Poison! by Dr. Melvin H. Kirschner MPH MD, I took the opportunity to look into it.

What called my attention was a Doctor referring to medicines as poison. I was actually under the impression that Doctors pushed drugs for commissions or something! I emailed Dr. Kirshcner and invited him as a guest to I Have Something To Say Live in hopes to learn more about the topic. I was happy to learn about Dr. Kirschner’s broad knowledge as a bio-medical ethicist and Family physician totaling 60 years of experience within the Healthcare system in the US.

Speaking with him made me realize how complex this issue really is, but as the conversation went on I was also inspired as I realized I was speaking with a true Doctor, someone who loved the profession of caring for his patients. As a patient I know how rare true doctors are now a days. I am 48 years old and I can actually count with one hand the ones that I have cross ways with. I also found a refreshing new understanding of what is going on currently with the Healthcare system. Dr. Krischner’s honesty, candidness and knowledge provided me with a wealth of information that will equip me not only when it comes to my personal health issues, but also as a citizen with a voice on the entire Healthcare issue in the country. For more information about Dr. Kirshner’s book visit

This interview is why I love producing I Have Something To Say Live, don’t miss this one and listen to what Dr. Kirshner has to say!

To listen to Live interview visit I Have Something to Say Live!


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