Kalu James – Songwriter, Musician, an Immigrant

Few of months ago my husband and I finally went out on a date (after who knows how long…). We decided to have dinner at Vince Young Steakhouse. Once at our table, we both got settles with each of our cell phones (like good old over 20 years married couple), as we waited for our drinks.

I was checking my personal emails while the music came through from the bar. The music sounded so good we both found ourselves drifting out of our cells.

“Not bad…” said my husband putting his phone down.

“Pretty good” I answered also dropping mine, as our drinks arrived.

We ordered our dinner and kept enjoying the music while having small talk.

“Maybe you should ask the singer if he wants to be on your radio show.”

“I don’t know, I haven’t had any musicians as guests,” I replied to my husband.

“Excuse me, do they have a CD?” My husband asked our waiter.

Long story short, we purchased a CD and after dinner approached him for his card. It was then that I found out he is an Immigrant from Nigeria. So I invited him to be my guest for my Immigrant series on I Have Something To Say Live.

I also went to see him in concert at One-2-One and encourage everyone in Austin to check out his Live performance. It was awesome!

What moved us about his music is the feeling that comes through. The combination of his lyrics and music delivers such passion that resonates within. The combination of different people, different heritage.

As I listened I turned around to look at the crowd in the bar. No one was talking; everyone was listening, moving with the rhythm. It was phenomenal!

Kalu James at One-2-One Austin, TX

What moved me as a person and as immigrant was his resolve to pursue his dream.

I found this interview to be a learning experience. I learned that young people can be determined and resolved; I learned that the strength to persevere comes from our passions; and I learned that is not easy to capture live music onto a podcast! (Please check out his music at his website, as the podcast’s sound unfortunately, is not one of my best…)

You can learn more about Kalu James and listen to samples of his music at www.kalujames.com

This was one of my most fun guests and I wish him and his band the best of luck as they all keep pursuing their passion for music. I hope we can catch up with Kalu again in another interview soon.

Listen to Live interview at www.live.susanviolante.com


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