Eliminating Hunger One Can at a Time

Fighting poverty is one of the social topics that I embrace. Growing up in Venezuela, poverty was very difficult to ignore. I was lucky enough to attend a missionary school for many years and learn the gift of service and helping others. But growing up under my parents war memories of not having anything to eat is what truly left a big imprint in my heart about hunger as one of the most serious social issue in the world.

Every as we serve all the goodies I cooked up, I always pause and think about all the people that are struggling to put anything on the table and as we give thanks we also say a little prayer for them.  Well,
Tony Marren’s Operation Just One Can’s could be the answer to so many prayers because its ripple effect could easily turn into a movement to successfully fight Hunger. He somehow came up with the idea to motivate people to help by showing them just how simple and easy it can be. There is no need to try to tackle hunger by ourselves as the humongous problem it is.

What we can do though, is use the social organizations in place, like Churches, Stadiums, Schools, even our own dinner parties, and have everyone bring just one can of food, to be sent to the community’s food bank.

This Thanks Giving lets be grateful for the food we are about to share with friends, but let’s take our gratitude further and help out someone in need. To help is simple and effortless if we all are willing to participate…it is as simple as just one can… www.operationjustonecan.org

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