What Ever Happened To Professional Courtesy ABC?

As a favor to an Italian TV network and a journalist friend of mine, I called the ABC network to a phone number that was given to me by my Italian journalist friend, and ex-cohost of one of my online radio shows.
My mission was to help with the language barrier and get some information for them.
So this week I dialed the phone number and got ABC’s News assignment desk. I began explaining who I was, why I was calling, and who referred me to that number but the person who answered the phone went crazy!
“This is the news; we don’t care about documentaries, why are you calling this number? We are the news, THE NEWS!!”
“I was given this numb…” I tried to word out,
“I don’t know why you got this number. THIS IS THE NEWS!” And he hung up.
He didn’t even know who I was. I could have been calling for Robert De Niro, about a zillion dollars deal for ABC!
Now, I understand the speed the phone line moves on a newsroom. So why did this ABC representative (because whoever is answering the phone is representing the Company) just say:
“Sorry but you got the wrong number. Please visit our website for the correct information.”
Now, wouldn’t that be faster?
In all honesty, why do we allow others to treat us in such an unprofessional manner? I have been part of ABC’s audience for over 20 years, since I arrived in the US, contributing to their ratings which in turn make them more money. If I call them, no matter what for, the person who answers the phone, regardless of their position should at least have good manners!
Once again I take my blog to vent, and to ask ABC Network and all the other big Companies where their professional courtesy has gone. With all the money they are making off of us, the masses, couldn’t they dedicate some time and dollars to good manner classes for their employees?
As a retired business analyst I am baffled any company owner no matter how small or big will allow people like that answer a phone!
It is a shame that during a time where most times the phone is answered by a recording or an overseas outsourced call center, the one time I got an actual person who speaks my language, that person made me wish I had gotten a recording.
I remember once upon a time when professionalism and customer service was what gave a company the edge over their competitor. So why is it now days that the biggest companies have the worse professional courtesy and customer service?
Maybe it is because we, the masses keep doing business with them anyway. Well, not me. Not this time, not again. ABC will not be one of the channels I click on to listen to the news anymore…
I will not support any company that will not give me the courtesy and respect I deserve as a human being.
I invite you in the masses to take a stand and demand professional courtesy in exchange for your support.


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