Fighting Government Corruption through knowledge

As the daughter of Italian parents from the Mussolini era and WWII survivors, I truly understand what consequences can result from apathy or ignorance of the masses. This is why the first thing that comes to mind when I ask myself how can all of the corruption, and manipulation from our economic and political leaders be happening so openly throughout the globe, is apathy and lack of knowledge from all of us. Yes, I included myself!

I mean other than voting blindly (since we really don’t understand what the candidates are talking about), and happy go lucky protesting (since protests have no direction and never result in change), I could not find anything that we are truly doing, as the people, to safeguard our rights. I am actually ashamed of myself as I did obtain a BA in Political Sciences…

So I decided to pay more attention to the news and to research what I don’t understand. Then I came across to Dave Kluge’ book The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution. Now, during college in Venezuela, I had to study our Constitution (which by the way is a copy of the US constitution, or at least was before Chavez). But, as much as I hate to admit it, I have never read the US Constitution yet have been part of the body of voters! Yes I became citizen years ago, and no, I was not required to read the constitution…

I went to Dave Kluge’s blog and decided to interview him on I Have Something to Say Live! It was a very insightful conversation which has changed my attitude forever. How can we defend our rights, if we don’t even understand what our rights are! Watch out D.C… I am educating myself and will be paying attention.

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