Finding My Own Imprints…

I have always believed that genetic memory is a combination of biological information and life experiences. I have always thought that my own experiences were being recorded within my genes and thus my children got what I learned somehow through my genes. Yeah, everyone tells me that it is a blessing I didn’t want to become a scientist. But my theory was not that far from reality…

When I checked out Liliane Desjardins book The Imprint Journey, my crazy theory stood corrected…Who I am today is not just the result of genetics, or my experiences, it is also the result of Imprints.

Although I am perfect and have no issues whatsoever, I was very curious so when I was invited to go to Desjardins’ workshop I got pretty excited. I will be spending 3 weeks this summer with family, and so I knew I would need tools to cope with old issues to make sure I could control them and not end up on pointless arguments as it usually is the case when family reunions occur.

The day of the workshop, I rushed out happy to have one day to myself. Once there sat down like a girl on her first day of school. I had not been in a workshop of this sort, so I was eager to begin learning something new that could help me with how I handle family issues.

First, Desjardins and Dr. Ziedonis gave a presentation about scientific research on Imprints. I was blown away. How come this type of information never gets to Facebook, or TV?

We went on break, and I just stayed on my seat speaking with Dr. Ziedonis and other people around me. Then the real workshop started…there was no going back.

We listened to some heartfelt true stories featured in her book by their true protagonists. But when Liliane spoke to them, the compassion and understanding transmitted through her voice started hammering a wall that I did not know I had. My eyes started watering. I can control this, I thought as tears kept nagging. I was wrong. I lifetime of control was washed away as a portion of my wall crumbled. I was now officially participating on this workshop, on this Imprint Journey. We got to pick the area we wanted to work on, and me being as stubborn as I usually am, picked the Love and Relationship, because I went into this workshop to get tools to deal with my family issues! Family Issues, not Susan’s issues….

At the end of the Imprint Inventory, we were supposed to put labels on ourselves with our imprints. There was no more hiding as I ended up covered with labels, covered with imprints. When the torture was finally over, I was emotionally drained, my eyes were swollen from crying, and my attitude had gone from I am the strongest that can handle and endure anything and everything like routine, to a frightened little girl overwhelmed by the unknown.

I did buy the book, and went home to finish my years of contained crying through the weekend.  I have not read the book nor re-visited my Imprints since the workshop. My Imprint Journey has begun and will not end until I visit with each Imprint within by myself, taking my time and with help of Liliane’s book. I encourage everyone to check out The Imprint Journey by Liliane Desjardins.


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