Do we trust or blame God?

I have always loved to listen to people stories; this is why I truly love interviewing my guests at I Have Something To Say Live. There is something about interviewing that allows me to make the guest open up and reveal themselves and their messages to my audience. From each interview I learn something new about different lives, different experiences, but once in a while a phrase out of hundred phrases jumps at me only to nag me every day until I re-visit it deeply within my heart. This was the case with my guest author Jackie Carpenter during our interview.

Answering to my question on how people’s faith gets affected by sudden tragedy differently she said:

“It’s very simple. At that moment you have to make a decision. Do you trust in God or do you blame Him for what it is happening to you?”

 The interview kept going but her phrase was stuck in my brain. I’ve seen my parents’ struggle with their faith as survivors of WWII recovering from Post-traumatic stress, like all children who grew up in a war zone. But, I’ve seen my grandmothers who have seen as adults firsthand the horrors of war get closer to God through the years.

I couldn’t let it go; you see my own faith journey has known both choices. I had blamed God when my oldest child as a 7 weeks baby stopped breathing 4 times in my arms, and then trusted Him when I was able to revive her. I had trusted God to show me the way through a difficult decision, and then blamed Him when the results of my decision were catastrophic.  But at no time I had seen that whether I trusted or blamed Him was my own decision to make.

Do I trust or blame God? What a powerful concept…what will I do on my next crisis? As I keep thinking about it, I realize that this question is within all of us. No matter of credo, language, age, culture. Even for atheists the question to trust or blame is also a choice for them to make when deciding to trust or blame themselves and others.

On all cases trusting when life flows freely harmoniously is so easy; we don’t even realize we make the decision to trust, or to blame our family, our peers, God every day. But when things go wrong and tragedy falls upon us, how we decide can haunt us filling our heart with regret, or it can hold us through…

Will we trust or blame God? We won’t know for sure until we face tragedy.

It was the worst kind of tragedy that answered that question for Jackie. I encourage you to listen to what she had to say on I Have Something to Say Live!

For more information about Jackie Carpenter, her books and the upcoming movie visit her at


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