Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

And so another year ended, and as I try to get used to changing the year each time I write down the date, I look back to re-visit what went on in my life during 2011, and say goodbye. It was a busy year, filled with ups and downs. With many firsts and some lasts, few laughs, and cries but for sure a year of accomplishments and change.

A change of lifestyle, as I was forced to let go of things I once thought important. A change of attitude, as I focused my life on my own happiness. A change of vision as new points of view made their appearance. I say goodbye to 2011 leaving the old me behind, embracing whoever I will discover within. All this change came to be to preparing me for what 2012 has to offer, for anticipating a new era, a new me.

Many new things starting this year for my I Have Something to Say brand. I look forward to uncovering one by one and see them grow. I look back to 2011 with gratitude and thank all of you who visited me throughout. Whose comments and emails motivated me to continue forward, whose willingness and courage to share their lives and lessons humbled me, because thanks to all of them I evolved and stand ready for a new year, a new adventure. Thank You ALL!!!

To listen to I Have Something To Say Live 2011 best moments and 2012 preview click Here


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