Innocent War (revised edition) – Behind an Immigrant’s Past

In 2009 I embarked in on a publishing adventure without having a clue about the book industry. I thought I was being daring and in a way somehow following into my Immigrant’s love for adventure as I jumped into the unknown. Two years later, I realized that I was no different from most Authors.

A writer will write, but does that mean that we are ready to publish? Is our job done when we type the end? I soon discovered that finishing the book was only the beginning.

It took me over ten years to create the first manuscript and a tiny writer’s profile. Not only did I have to learn how to write in English, but I also published articles, few little stories here and there, and even some illustrations through the years trying to establish credibility and a profile. So after all the critiques and re-writes I was very eager to query for Innocent War. But my father’s brain surgery put immediacy on top of my priorities and so I decided to self-publish.

I didn’t know it then, but it was one of the best decisions I ever took in my life time. No, everything did not go smooth and as planned.  On the contrary most of it went wrong!

Dealing with the print on demand publisher I chose was horrible, the publicity campaign was ultra-expensive, I found out I should have built a platform beforehand (what is platform anyway…), and target audience? What do they mean when they ask me who did I write this book to?

It was all enough to make me run in a corner and hide. But then, I remember my father’s story in Innocent War. Then, I remember all of his tapes and my mother’s tapes…Their stories needed to get out there. And so I rolled up my sleeves and as I wrote Book 2 of the series, I began the process to learn the Industry to figure out what would work for me. I jumped into the unknown with both feet last year and finally realize that the message in my parents’ stories is not only what they forced to endure. The true message is that it is not life what breaks you or makes you, it is how we take on life that will make the difference.

I re-listened to my father’s interview I did last year, and it proved my point. My parent’s best legacy is showing me how to take life…to listen to the featured  live interview visit my blog-talk radio show I Have Something To Say-Live. Click here to order book.

Innocent War (revised edition) is the beginning of me taking life the right way…

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Author of Innocent War
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