Leaving Home?

The great thing about interviewing regular people in my immigrant series segment at I Have Something To Say Live, is getting a different insight about my same experience. I just discovered that this truth goes even further.

I interviewed Juliana Leal: an early school educator by College Degree, an airline professional by trade, more recently a fulltime mother by choice; American, and an Immigrant. I have known Julie over 40 years. Our parents have known each other even longer.

Speaking to her about the circumstances and thought process that like me led her to leave her home and venture herself to a new country, a new culture…a new life; made me realize just how different and similar we are as well as how little we Immigrants know about each other and ourselves.

All this time I had convinced myself that the reason I left Venezuela to the US had to do only with me taking the opportunity to live an adventure as I built myself a new future. I had convinced myself that my decision to leave home was a natural step of leaving the home nest.  I was wrong…

Although I believe that all of the above is true to some extent, I now realize it was only part of it. The truth of why I came to the US rests on the fact that I was not leaving my home, I was following it. I came because my parents left to retire in the US…my Home could no longer be Venezuela. I now understand why for me was not as difficult to leave my business, my friends, the life I was creating…my family which was the most important for me were my parents, and so I followed to create my Home away from the nest, next to them. To listen to Live interview with Juliana Leal – Official Spanish translator for Innocent War: Behind an Immigrant’s Past visit; I Have Something To Say Live!


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