Memories Milestones & Memoirs

Many years ago I signed up for a writing workshop in Boca Raton, Florida. What I learned there ended up being the foundation for living the life I was meant to live. Through the years Emily Rosen did not just continue making a difference in writers of all levels through her workshop, she also put many of their stories out there through her anthologies.

Below is one I wrote during her class in the year 2000 which she published in 2005 on her Memories Milestones & Memoirs Volume 1:


         At first, I didn’t think I would enjoy the writing class but I registered for it anyway. I didn’t even know why. I had so many disappointments with the other classes I had taken. I expected to come into class and find the usual group of people who wanted to learn how to write.

Instead, I found storytellers. Storytellers don’t think about writing as something that needs to be taught. They write not because they are in search of fame and money, not because they want to live the writer’s lifestyle. Storytellers write because they have no choice. They are like sponges spending everyday absorbing life, until words start dripping out.

To my surprise I found myself surrounded by people like me. I don’t know what excuse the others found to register for this class or the excuse the instructor found to teach. But I know why we are all here. We need to listen to each other’s words flow.

Don’t get me wrong. Writing is also a craft and we all can use some direction on how to put the words together, but that is not why we gathered.

We are here because we needed help to get the words out so that we could make space for new experiences coming in

Oh the joy, when I realized I was not only being helped getting the words out, but found myself absorbing so much life from these storytellers.



To listen to Live interview with Emily visit

For more information about Emily Rosen’s workshops and books visit


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