Our Legacy, what do our successors really need?

Most of us don’t start thinking about our legacy we become parents. Yet, we were children first! What is our parent’s legacy to us? Will we pass it down or did we lose it. There are many things we think of when speaking about family legacy. Most of them though are material, tangible things like money, a house, jewelry, an education, a business. As a child, those things never interested me. I always wanted, I needed their stories.

And so, when I became a parent I set out to create the type of legacy I craved and collected my parents’ lives on tape so that I could write their stories for our successors to read. Like everyone else, I was thinking that by doing so I could leave memories for when they are gone. I was wrong.

Harvesting my parents’ stories actually gave me a present and future with them, while creating a present and future with my own kids. It was not just about reading their memoirs and remembering them after they would be gone. It was about understanding who they were by learning what challenges they had to face. This understanding healed any past wounds I had as a child, and made me a better parent that what I thought I could ever be, because it taught me to show who I am to my own kids as they grow up. This is why it has been my goal to help people say what they have to say, to share their stories and life lessons as my legacy. I know that if we do, a new understanding of ourselves will make a difference in this world. However, I thought that I was alone on this quest. Then I met Lindsay Patterson.

Lindsay is the founder of Reflect & Record through which she helps people to record and preserve their stories in an innovative way. I decided to share what she has to say by inviting her to the show. I encourage everyone to listen to her Live interview at I Have Something To Sat Live.

Below is a peak to Lindsay’s world. For more information you can visit her at http://www.reflectandrecord.com


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