Raising Your Kids When Working Outside the Home

The staying at home or not issue never goes out of fashion for new parents.  For some is a choice for others the luxury of choosing doesn’t exist. In an economy where the second scenario is becoming the rule, small children parents’ concerns are not based whether or not to have one stay at home fulltime but more how to explain their small children that they need to go to work.

I believe that the parents of today have the upper hand in comparison with the times when my children were younger, in the sense that they do not battle with the stigma and the guilt I had to face as both parents working is and kids on daycares are more a necessary situation. However, I find that the pressure of raising a well-adjusted, independent, and successful kid with a moral values core is on.

My experience of juggling work and family taught me that this is possible only by keeping the communication channels with your children wide open. This is why I loved Jennifer Pereyra’s book: Mommy & Daddy Work to Make Some Dough.




This book for Toddlers through Kindergarten will help them understand the family’s need for work, but what I find great about a book like this one is the opening of communication between parents and children on real life subjects at a young age.

We all tend to baby talk our babies, it is only natural. But we also need to prepare our babies for what they will face ahead in life. So the earlier we start opening the communication channels with them the better. Pereyra does an excellent job opening these channels through a picture book that explains real life issues with age appropriate language.

I decided to interview Jennifer about today’s demands on working parents. An insightful conversation all parents should listen. To hear what she had to say visit I Have Something To Say Live!

For more information about Jennifer Pereyra click here.


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