Fighting Aids in Paradise

A while back I attended the “Rewriting Life Scripts Workshop” in Austin and met Dr. Stewart. Conversation flowed quickly as we learned our common love for the Caribbean.  Then he mentioned to me all the work he has been doing as a healthcare provider as well as information facilitator. Since then I had wanted to interview him for I Have Something To Say Live. I was a long wait, but it finally happened this month.

I loved talking to him because being from the NW coast of Venezuela it feels like talking to an old friend, even though we met once, but make no mistake, I dedicated almost an hour to this interview because of the information value he delivered.

Did you know that if you are an AIDS infected mother-to-be, by getting treatment you would be giving your baby the chance to be born without HIV? Yup, I did not know that….

The interview is focused on Dr. Stewart’s Caribbean Wellness Advancement Project as the Caribbean ranks on second place for new cases in the world. But every piece of information he offered is applicable everywhere. Everyone should listen to what Dr. Stewart has to say!

Listen to the Live interview here:


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