Relatives Who Are Chosen Friends.

The greatest thing about launching my I Have Something To Say brand has been tapping into an infinite well of inspiring people and their stories. And again life humbles me by showing me not only inspiring and talented people within my immediate circle of friends and family but also young!

It is true that friends are chosen family, but sometimes we find relatives who are chosen friends. This is what the Camillo’s have been to me and my family. Since I grew up in Venezuela while they were in the US the contact between them and us was limited to once every few years, and yet a beautiful friendship developed and not only survived the test of time and distance to this day, but it extended to our spouses and children. This is why I was humbled again by life when I got introduced to Nick Camillo’s music and discovered that I not only connected with it but totally love it.

This week, I decided to interview him at I Have Something To Say Live. Now, I’ve always known Nick as the sweet son of my cousins ‘till now. During the interview I discovered that in spite of remaining sweetness he has become a grounded, smart, inspiring young adult…oh and for you young girls out there, did I mention handsome?

No, really this past couple of years I have been very fortunate to come across insanely inspiring people. Today I am insanely thankful to discover one of the most inspiring young musicians today within my own family. Check out his website at, and be one of the thousands who have gotten a free CD download!

Listen to Live interview at I Have Something To Say Live!


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