Rollin On the River for Children

Growing up in Venezuela I was no stranger to poverty, because I would see it everywhere. So charity was part of my daily day…sometimes getting groceries for the mothers waiting asking for help, sometimes inviting the children asking for money to sit down to have dinner at the café where I was planning to have a cappuccino. But poverty was not manifested only on hunger. Actually the worst was seen at the hospitals where medicines and equipment if at all present would not get to patients who could not pay. Healthcare for this portion of the population was not a social problem…it was simply inexistent.  As a mother now living on the US I am grateful I had never lived the desperation I saw on the eyes of so many mothers holding their sick children knowing they could not do anything for them.

This is why I hold dear the North West Circle of Friends for Dell’s Children Hospital. They identified an area of the healthcare system that helps patients and relatives cope with the effects of the disease they are facing, as well as mental health services which has no budgeted funds. This department exists because of the Circle of Friends’ Fundraisers.

The Cheers for Children event held every spring, and the Rollin on the River held each fall.

I will be volunteering at the Rollin on the River event this coming Sunday  10/23/2011, so if you are in Austin and are looking for a good time while helping families whose children are ill cope, please come on over! Tickets can be purchased online or at the event $50.00/person. For more information click here!

To Listen to Live interview about the NW Circle Of Friends click here.


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