Kalu’s Some Sort of Fusion

A while back while enjoying a night out with my husband, I listened to an incredible acoustic performance while having dinner. The music came from the bar of the restaurant, so I asked our waiter who that was. He told the band I was inquiring about them and their agent came to our table and offered us a free cd. I told her that I would take it but only if I could pay for it. Now I don’t have a money tree, and believe whatever we have to spare is not so much that we give it away that easily…that is just how moved we were by Kalu’s performance.

Later on I reached out and interviewed him. I discovered during that conversation that Kalu is the real thing. I know…I don’t do what I do to live any celebrity lifestyle, I don’t write and publish my books to be the next Stephen king…I do it because I can’t stop spilling out what I have to say! It is not easy…It’s been 12 years since my first article publication when I decided to work on publishing my Dad’s story, but it’s been a life time of non-stop writing. This means a lifetime of parallel lives. One life doing what it needs to survive in this mundane world, the other to survive within.

So when I meet a genuine artist who has no choice but to live parallel lives to keep sharing the thoughts within, I recognize them as such. This is the case with Kalu, an amazing writer, musician and performer who has won me, my family, and the city of Austin with his genuine message which he embeds on his awesome music. Simply put, the combination of his simple lyrics, music and felt performance as well as his simple and genuine personality is why I am writing this today, it is why am backing him today.

Kalu reached out to me to let me know about his 2 album project called Some Sort Of infusion which he is trying to complete through Kick Starter. I encourage you to listen to what he has to say on my conversation with him through I Have Something To Say Live.

To back musical talent who shares genuine feelings and life lessons is worth it. You can check out Kalu’s Some Sort of fusion incentive packages through http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fundkalu/some-sort-of-fusion.



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