The I Have Something To Say 2012 Manuscript Contest Take Off!

It is Official. The I Have Something To Say Press first annual manuscript contest is open!

I Have Something To Say Press is now looking for authors to publish and extends an invitation to all of you writers to check out our guidelines and submit to our manuscript contest.

We are accepting submissions in all genres in fiction and nonfiction which provides embedded in the story some kind of lesson for the reader.

Sorry, but no picture books and text books at this time.

For more details about the contest such as full guidelines, submission process and prizes please visit our Contest Manager: Reader Views at

For more information about us, visit us at www.ihavesomethingtosaypress.

Please note that all submissions need to be sent to Reader Views following the guidelines. We are not accepting direct submissions to our offices and all received will be tossed. So, please do not send manuscripts or submission forms to us.

We are committed to find the right author through a fair and competitive contest through managed by a separate entity with experience in literary awards such as Reader Views and will not honor any submissions sent directly to us.

So, what are you waiting for!

On your marks. Pens down.  Submit!

Good luck!

Susan Violante
Managing Editor

About sviolante

Author of Innocent War
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