Today’s Financial Corruption…Fact or Fiction?

Government corruption, Wall Street manipulation, financial chaos…it all sounds like a fiction thriller…but I am actually speaking of current events and historical facts.

Was the Real Estate implosion of 2008 caused by inept leaders generating or by leaders who generate policies to pursue their own interests?

As we see the world crumbling economically like Greece and the US, and Politically like Italy, people take the streets in movements like “Occupy”.

But how did all this start? Why aren’t the systems working? I have a simple answer:

It is all based on lack of morality…I truly believe that society is breeding leaders that have no morals and citizens that are apathetic. But to better understand where I am coming from I interviewed author Theodore Jerome Cohen. Ted is a Scientist and Engineer with over 40 years of experience. He also has been an Investor since 1960. His last two fiction novels – out of six – have a lot to do with this topic. In fact they are based on what might have been the origins of what we are seeing today.
I asked Ted to explain what he found through his research when working on Death by Wall Street and House Of Cards.  If you want some insight on the Economy Downfall, listen to what Ted has to say!

To listen to Ted’s Live interview visit:


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