Dock and Roll – Trailer Food, not what you think!

My family and I fell in love with Austin right away when we moved here in June 2006. In all these years I have never been able to pin point one thing that won me over. It is just a weird combination of people, ideas, places, and the mix of city scene with natural environments that hooks you in. I have been around in South America, Europe and all over the US and somehow I’ve found a little bit of my favorite places here and never left. That is how I became an Italian Austinite!

As an Italian I am all about food. I have been cooking Italian, South American, and American food most of my life and always enjoy different things. But The Austin food scene always surprises me because of how different ethnic foods fuse together here. It wasn’t until me and my husband, Michel , decided to tour the trailer food scene that I realized until what extent this combination exists!

We stopped at Dock and Roll Diner . The menu itself was an experience as we browsed sandwiches named The Infidel Castro, and others. We finally ordered the South Westlake which was a southwest marinated grilled chicken on a freshly baked white sub style bun. It was sooo good! It had corn, onions peppers, tomatillo-avocado, cotija cheese and a wonderful original sauce.

But the experience completed itself by chatting around with Daniel as he shared his experiences since he embarked in this trailer diner adventure.

“I am 27 years old.  I have no responsibilities other than my house. I started this because it was now or never and it is exhausting but am loving it all the way!” He said, as my chicken was being grilled. Yes, they grill it at the time of the order!

The passion that came through as he spoke to us about his life in the food trailer business, his unique recipes, and the people meets daily during the 13 hours per day he spends in his Diner, and the prices is only a portion of the experience which hooked me. The taste, oh the taste of the South Westlake is what will have me coming back over and over again!

Check them out at!


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