To Retire or Retire To?

Going through my parents retirement process has been a never ending story.  Their process started over 20 years ago when we moved to the US from Venezuela, and is still a work in process. It was also an awakening for me as I realized that the Golden Age was something to be dreaded and not something to look forward to.

You see, my parents did plan financially for their retirement but not psychologically. So when the moment arrived they weren’t only not prepared for, they were not even on the same page! Each of them had their own idea of what Golden Age meant.

As a woman in her 40s married for over 20 years with a man in his 50s I worry what our Golden Age will be. Thousands of questions race through my mind every time I speak to my parents and witness how they are still trying to figure it out, and yet I have never had a real conversation about retirement with my husband about what retirement means for us as individuals. This scares me especially because to make things worse with all of the financial current events, and the growth life expectancy there is no saying what the future holds for my generation’s Golden Years.

This is why I decided to interview Phil Saylor author of Retire To – Not From.

In his book Phil presents the reader a new concept about retirement that deals head on with the psychological aspect of the process.  On my conversations with him, Phil explained that he wrote a retirement book that is not about retirement.” It is about taking a more aggressive approach to doing something after retirement.”  – For more information visit

To Listen to Live interview visit I Have Something To Say Live!


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