Graduation Speeches by Irene M.

This past weekend I attended my high school graduation. Our class salutatorian and valedictorian both gave speeches to the graduates. As I listened to their speeches I couldn’t help but wonder if I would ever remember what they were telling me. Was it useful advice? Or just a twenty minute blur? The next day, I realized I did not remember much of what they said. Then I started wondering what had I wished they told me? I began to research and found a blogger, Paul Graham, who wrote an article on “What You Wish You’d Known.” Mr. Graham discussed the most important topic of what we don’t know in high school: what to do with your life.

I find myself in this exact position. I just graduated high school and now I don’t know what to do with my life. Naturally, I am attending college but this is not everyone’s plan. And while I am going to college, I still have no idea what to study. An important thing high school graduates should know is that they have options. While many people dream of being a fire fighter when they are young, closing off your options because you think you know what you want to do is a mistake.

When speakers fire up the typical Graduation Speech, the theme usually is don’t give up on your dreams. However, this is not a good way to put it because it implies that you’re supposed to be bound by some plan you made a while ago. Thus, the idea of giving up on your dreams should be more along the lines of don’t think you can’t to what others can do. I believe the most important thing is believing in yourself and you will be successful in the future.


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