What Happens When We Reach Our Lowest Point?

What happens when we reach our lowest? Do we give up in a curling fetal position or become our worst enemy? The truth is we won’t know until we reach our lowest. However, how we react at our lowest will determine who we will be going forward.

I had the opportunity to explore this topic with an inspiring young man, Michael Blake, author of The Holy City. It was while serving three and half years in prison that he wrote his book.  I booked him immediately for an interview eager to learn how he turned his life around? How he managed not to give up?

But as usual my curiosity surprised me again…

“What did you feel when you heard the doors slamming behind you once in your cell?” I paused wondering if we would decide to stop the interview…

“Oh man! “, A long pause…I kept silent, “I mean, that was my lowest point.”

Then the magic happened again as I found myself learning from the most horrible and personal moment of someone I have never met…

Michael, thank you for this candid interview, for opening yourself up with our audience and other readers.

I hope you all listen to what Michael had to say at I Have Something To Say Live but I definitely encourage everyone to check out his book The Holy City as he reflect what is goes on there, and how two brothers react to the violence and poverty that surrounds them  every day. It is a fiction story that has much truth in Michael’s own life.


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