Summer ’12 by Arianna Violante

Many of us have had a rough year and it seems as though summer vacation is the only cure. For the upcoming year, some seniors might develop a case of “senioritis”, I know I will. So how will we ever spend our time before the school year begins? My friends and I have spent our days so far tanning, eating, tanning, going to the movies, tanning some more, and we’re planning a trip to 6 flags for my 18th birthday! So excited, I just can’t contain it, but what to do in Austin for the remainder of the summer? This question is very important to me because I will be moving away to Florida towards the end of the summer. So we, myself along with my two other friends, put our thinking caps on and made a bucket list of things to do this summer (or in our case, things to do before I move to Florida).


  1. Mt. Bonnell Picnic
  2. Jet Skies
  3. Barton Springs
  4. Sno Beach
  5. SoCo Shopping
  6. Lake
  7. Kayaking
  8. Visit Tattoo Parlors
  9. Six Flags
  10. Eat At Fire Bowl
  11. Eat At Zoe’s Kitchen
  12. Watch Moulin Rouge
  13. Dress Up Dinner
  14. Hiking
  15. Horseback Riding
  16. Beach Trip
  17. Zumba/Yoga Class
  18. Visit the Austin Zoo
  19. Fancy Tea Party
  20. Movie Night at our friend’s house
  21. Eat Healthy
  22. Go Mudding
  23. Go For A Run
  24. Hamilton Pool
  25. The Oasis
  26. Eat at Nutty Brown
  27. Eat at Hopdoddy
  28. Congress Bridge Bats (if they are there during the summer)
  29. Juan in a Million
  30. Visit the “I LOVE YOU” Wall
  31. Go Fishing
  32. Go Tanning

We do have some more, but those are mostly inside jokes that would take forever to explain. 🙂

OF COURSE we need to keep in mind with this much tanning, sunscreen is needed. I also got a job working for my mother, which is nice. Making your own bank is probably one of the best feelings ever. With all this new cash, it’s kind of hard not to spend it all but you have to make due! Hope everyone has a SAFE and AWESOME summer vacation like I’ve been having! 🙂

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