Vampire Diaries a Review by Arianna Violante

Who doesn’t love a love triangle? Better yet, who doesn’t love a VAMPIRE love triangle? There is a major difference between the two. A normal love triangle is short lived but with vampires, they live forever and the drama never ends. In the show Vampire Diaries, vampires Stefan and Damon Salvator return to Mystic Falls and both fall in love with a young girl named Elena Gilbert. Unfortunately for these characters, drama and even more vampires seem to follow them everywhere; each time getting more intense and gory…

For the past three seasons I’ve been following these three characters that face many, many supernatural obstacles. This is an AMAZING show that EVERYONE should watch. It’s full of love, death and hot vampires.

This show is so unbelievably good. Both my mother and I are obsessed with the writers’ work so much so that I’ve gotten just about ALL of my friends hooked on the show. Whenever we have a lazy day just watching TV, we turn on Netflix through our Xbox or BOOM: Vampire Diaries. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and watch the first episode. I GUARANTEE you will be hooked on the spot.

*Viewer discretion is advised due to mild gore and context inappropriate for children under the age of 14.


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