Historical Fiction, the best source of reality? By Susan Violante

All of my life I have been a different kind of History nut. I have collected antique furniture, jewelry, books, and have enjoyed all of my History classes during my school years.  I’ve always invested in older houses instead of new ones. Instead of going out dancing with my peers on most weekends, I could be found listening WWII stories from my grandparents, uncles and their friends.

What has always fascinated me about History were never the facts, though. It is imagining what regular people thought, or felt while going through historical circumstances. When I purchase an antique, or an old house it is not the fact that they belong to a different era that attracts me to it. It is the fact that someone else from a different era owned it once. The fact that those artifacts witnessed someone else’s lives and dreams pulls me as they witness my life and my own dreams. I somehow relate with the previous owners of the antiques I have purchased on a personal level. I picture them in my mind reading the antique book, wearing the antique jewelry, or living in the old house I now own.

It is this personal relationship with the old that calls me when I write or read Historical Fiction. Then I met Tyler Tichelaar, author of numerous Historical Fiction books, all set up in his own home town. Tyler’s love for his roots was a breath of fresh air for me. Although we share the same love for historical fiction, as an immigrant from an immigrant family, I was never attached to my place of origin. As a matter of fact, I was attracted to old stories and artifacts from faraway places and eras. So I really discovered nostalgia for where I came from after I left my hometown in Venezuela to come to the US.

Tyler’s view of his own history, how he embraced it and shared it is what prompted me to invite him to I Have Something To Say Live. Chatting with him about his writing and his passion for historical fiction revealed many things I never thought of: such as how we learn more from historical fiction by relating to the characters as we find practical lessons applicable to our current times. I encourage everyone to check out his books through his website at www.marquettefiction.com and know that you will be inspired by what he had to say in www.ihavesomethingtosaylive.com.  You can also check out his most recent book Spirit of the North!


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One Response to Historical Fiction, the best source of reality? By Susan Violante

  1. Andy Szpuk says:

    I tend to think that all fiction is historical fiction these days. After all, each novel,takes a place in history, and some are defining works.


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