Summer Snackin’ By Irene Minderhoud

As the weather reaches unbearable temperatures over 100 degrees and Barton Springs pool becomes crowded, I find it hard not to give in to the temptation of ice cream and junk food. So what is the key to maintaining a healthy diet over the summer? Whether it is summer or winter, balance is most important.

Working out is very important. You can eat a hearty meal after a good three or four mile run! Austin also has several 5K’s and short runs that are fun and good to keep in shape and are motivating. I think a class is also a good idea, maybe at your local gym or anywhere around town. Pick a partner and decide to work together and push each other!

I noticed this summer that I have been eating more than previous ones. Two summers ago I was in Europe/Asia for about a month and a half and we were so busy taking tours, sightseeing, and visiting family that I managed to loose ten pounds without even trying! Last summer, I went in to work at the UPS Store almost every day for a few hours and I would eat less. So I realized keeping yourself busy is an important part of resisting the temptation to eat out of boredom. Summer can be slow sometimes and food is always on our mind but as long as you don’t just sit in front of the tv all day long I think it is easy to maintain your weight.

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