My Sister’s Keeper, A Book Review By Irene M.

My Sister’s Keeper is a young adult novel that tells a compelling story of a family that has to struggle with conflicting needs and put their love above all else. Anna, the younger of two sisters, by age thirteen has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots… but Anna is not sick. Anna was conceived as a bone marrow transplant match for her older sister Kate, who has leukemia. Anna has never challenged her life and role as her sister’s donor…until now. Anna is beginning to question who she truly is, after always being defined by her sister. So Anna makes an unthinkable decision that will tear her family apart and could have fatal consequences for her sister.

A novel filled with emotions, ups and downs and struggles with self-identity and human rights, My Sister’s Keeper keeps readers engaged from cover to cover. It was such an interesting story to read, with detailed research on Leukemia involved in each chapter, Jodi Picoult mixes medical information with a story that tugs on the heart strings. I enjoyed seeing the perspective of different characters as each chapter is from a different point of view. I loved this book all the way through and the twists and turns were what encouraged me to keep reading and continue to read other Jodi Picoult novels. She knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next.

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