Football or Futbol? By Irene M.

Summer soccer season is here! The European championship is underway with the final game on July 1st. My whole life I have been surrounded by soccer or “football” as the rest of the world refers to it. My dad is from the Netherlands where soccer is huge and he played since the minute he could walk, to a minor league team and now continues to occasionally. The same has been true for me since I was five years old. I’ve been attending soccer camps with my brother and playing for my school teams.

Whenever a tournament was happening all you could hear in the house was the sound of announcers and wild chanting fans. Thankfully for my family, our national team (The Netherlands, where we are from) is pretty good at soccer and always have been. So when the Euro Cup and the World Cup come around, my household is very lively. Two summers ago we were in Europe with my dad during the World Cup and we watched every game together, cheering as loud as we could for The Netherlands. They made it to the finals that year and I liked to think we brought them good luck 🙂 Unfortunately, in the Euro Cup, The Netherlands were a disappointment but that is probably only because I didn’t watch any of their games!

Watching the Euro Cup this year got me thinking about American football and football to the rest of the world. I prefer soccer because the athletes have to be in much better shape since you have barely any substitutions. Soccer is played all around the world and there are several leagues, not just the NFL like in American football. Soccer immerses the whole world while American football is mostly limited to just America.


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