Lasting Impressions by Arianna Violante

Is there really a perfect way in making a great first impression? The answer is always yes. All you really need is charm… for the most part. Over this past week, I’ve been insistent and determined to make my way through my new surroundings. Along the way, I’ve made fabulous first impressions to my new teachers and future classmates.

This whole week I’ve always the halls of my new school drilling teachers with hopeful questions. (Teachers ALWAYS want to see that the student is excited… even if, in reality, it’s not true).  For example: I knew that for sure I was taking AP French 4 because I had signed up for it and I knew that the class wasn’t full so I would for sure get it. I went to the French teacher and introduced myself; yes, in French. Not only was she impressed by my spectacular knowledge of the language, but she applauded my courage for such an introduction. Needless to say, I charmed my way into her heart. For my courage, not only did she let me see who all was in my class (which doesn’t really matter, considering I know none of these people), BUT she was able to pull up my schedule!! (Listed below)

                                English Honors IV

                                ADV PL Psychology

                                2nd Studio Art

                                Physics 1 Honors


                                American Government Honors

                                ADV PL French Lang

I am one lucky duck! Most students wouldn’t have figured out their schedule until the first day of school, and here I am a week before school starts and I have my senior schedule. Boom. Roasted.

Another sneaky thing I did to win the heart of a teacher was on Thursday. Turns out I’d been speaking frequently to my Psychology teacher the whole week without even knowing it! I recognized his name and told him I was going to be in his AP Pysch class 2nd period. He nodded and said he looked forward to it, so I shook his hand and introduced myself as his new favorite student. He laughed and jokingly said “Haha well those usually don’t last long.” He then took me to his classroom and gave me the textbook! Another thing that was only supposed to be handed out on the day school started. He also told me the first assignment so I could get an early start. Crazy, right?

My advice to anyone starting in an unfamiliar place, whether it be a new job, college, or even high school is to just be outgoing and charming… It can really accomplish a lot and just like that, you’ve made a lasting impression.


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