Life Without Smell by Arianna Violante

Personally, I do NOT know what I would do if I couldn’t smell anything. Maybe I’ve grown accustomed to my Italian nose, but this is the most significant sense to me because not only would we not be able to smell anything but it would also impair us through taste as well! I don’t know about ya’ll, but that doesn’t fly very well with me.

This isn’t just a re-occurring nightmare that I have but people like this DO exist! It’s called anosmia which is the lost sense of smell. This can be caused by a bronchial infection, a chronic nasal sinus disease, a viral infection, inhaling something toxic or a head injury and can really do some serious damage. It’s also very DANGEROUS not to be able to smell anything… for example someone with anosmia wouldn’t notice a gas leak or the smell of smoke. Personally, I’d be a little concerned with personal hygiene. They wouldn’t be able to smell themselves! Those poor souls…

Let’s all take a moment and think about what the world would be like to us if we couldn’t smell anything. For example, there are certain memories that we tie into a certain scent. They can bring us happiness, sadness or any other types of emotions. Losing this would be like losing part of your memory. Another example, I forgot the smell of my old house in Texas, but as I was going through my clothes I smelled the detergent that my mother would use and it brought back so many memories. But the first thing that comes to my mind wouldn’t be not being able to smell flowers or something cheesy like that, but FOOD or food-flavor perception, to be exact. If you were to eat your favorite food, you wouldn’t know it was your favorite food, might as well feed you cardboard and tell you that its pasta.

Losing your sense of smell is like losing two senses, because it diminishes taste as well. That’s a double whammy! There’s no recovering from that. Out of the six senses, losing one of them sometimes means that you could maybe enhance another but losing the sense smell definitely isn’t one of them. For example, I could handle being blind or deaf, but definitely not being an anomic. If I were to be an animal, I would be a dog. I smell EVERYTHING. I smell food before I put it in my mouth, I smell flowers in Publix as I’m walking through and I love smelling a guy’s cologne. If I were to LOSE that, it’s like I would lose part of myself. I don’t know what I would do if I could never be able to enjoy the taste of Nutella ever again. That’s just a depressing thought. What is a dog without its cute little button of a nose?  NOTHING.

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