First Date By Arianna Violante

I will never underestimate my family again. Have you ever had one of those nightmares when you bring a guy home to meet the family and they embarrass you SO much? Well it wasn’t just a recurring nightmare for me; it turned into reality. The worst you think they can do is just showing baby picture’s right? Wrong.

I currently live with my aunt and uncle and my cousins spending my senior year in south Florida. Naturally, I met a guy. The day of our date, my eldest cousin and her husband decide to come by for the show. We’re all sitting on the couch waiting until it’s time for me to get ready when they start coming up with “ideas” on how to embarrass me. These are what they came up with:

Hand him the dog and tell him to hold it because it’s dying.

Tell him REALLY embarrassing stories of me when I was little.

Show him the stuffed animal that I sleep with (no shame).

Mention how she and her husband were high school sweethearts and say that we could be next to get married.

She added him on Facebook and wanted to ask him as soon as he got to our house why he hasn’t accepted her yet.

My mother wanted to FaceTime him and tell him “NO SEX.”

We were eating on plates that said “Celebrate” and they cracked a joke saying they were celebrating my first date.

Those are just a few things. First of all when the gate called everyone was freaking out. When he came over everyone was sitting on the couch waiting to interrogate him. That part went fine I guess, they were just routine questions that gave them a better sense on who he is and blah blah blah. HOWEVER. The next day I found out my uncle VIDEO TAPED him on his iPhone and sent the video to my parents…..

Honestly the whole night wasn’t bad but when I found out about the video I was so angry. I just hope to God that it won’t be repeated next time.

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