Book Review of “The Tragedy of Fidel Castro” by Joao Cerqueira

The Tragedy of Fidel Castro
Joao Cerqueira
River Grove Books (2012)
ISBN: 9781938416163
My Rating: 4 Stars

Being a Political Cs. Mayor in college, I knew when I set my eyes on “The Tragedy of Fidel Castro” by Joao Cerqueira , that it would be an interesting read, but I never expected what I found. I am the type of reader that looks for 100 % showing and 0 % telling, and will always tell authors to avoid telling.. Furthermore, as a writer myself I avoid poetic writing at all costs, unless I am producing a poem. So, to find myself hooked on a book which was poetic in its entirety and told the entire story was a big surprise. Not only did the writing work but the mix of politics and religion was superb.

Joao Cerqueira produced a well written and unusual satire presenting one of the most delicate historical times of the US. We have Castro vs. JFK, God, and Jesus all in the same story.  We then see fiction, history, and scripture hold hands as they take the reader inside the minds of the protagonists of one of the most dangerous political eras of the twentieth century.

Castro’s perfect spy is captured in the US and set free by JFK. He returns to Cuba confused by how different he feels about capitalism now that he has lived it, as he walks down the streets of his changed hometown. He stops at a bar and falls for a beautiful woman as they danced together. Little did he know that he was dancing with Castro in disguise.  This picturesque and almost cartoon like scene is Cerqueira’s signature within a poetic story telling style.

Not an action or plot driven fiction, but a somewhat rhetoric  and some cases musical narration with vivid scenes filled with imagery and dialog story, “The Tragedy of Castro” by Joao Cerqueira is for all readers who enjoy different and unique writing style and story. Well done!


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