“A Familiar Face: And Other Stories” by Scotty Weeks


Scotty Weeks
PFA Inc. (2016)
ISBN 9780996780001
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (07/16)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘A Familiar Face: And Other Stories’ by Scotty Weeks on Blogcritics.

“A Familiar Face: And Other Stories” by Scotty Weeks is a fascinating collection of short stories sure to engross readers through multiple levels of entertainment satisfaction. The stories span the genres, and with elements of horror, urban fantasy, contemporary fiction, and humor, the anthology has something for all literary tastes.

The concept of the short story itself has always been an enigma to me, as many short stories, in my opinion, would make phenomenal full-length tales. I always find myself looking for more from the short story. How does it end? What happens to so-and-so, and what will become of things? Understanding the objective is indeed to affect the wonder of “what if” at the end of each story, I vowed to read “A Familiar Face: And Other Stories” from the perspective intended. What I took from the experience was certainly a revelation, and I am most appreciative to Scotty Weeks for opening my eyes to the beauty of short stories, as it seems they were meant to be written.

The opening story, A Familiar Face, set the tone for me and was a personal favorite, stirring up a bit of “The Twilight Zone” nostalgia, but set in contemporary times with modern issues. Such was the way with many of the stories actually; feelings of familiarity flourishing across the pages, with the crisp and fresh writing capturing me and taking me deeper into the author’s creative worlds, then totally surprising me at the end of each story. There are also a few stories that are spectacular in the drift from anything considered normal, that are thoroughly entertaining based on the comedic value alone. The writing is nothing short of brilliant, and the straightforward clever dialogue of the characters and dramatically depicted scenes engage the reader completely from the first story to the last.

Overall, I found “A Familiar Face: And Other Stories” by Scotty Weeks to be a masterful collection that ignites admiration and pure enjoyment of the well-written word. I highly recommend this book to all fans of short stories and I truly look forward to seeing more work from this author in the near future.


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