“Some Senses” by Kirk Lee Redden

somesensesSOME SENSES

Kirk Lee Redden
Outskirts Press (2016)
ISBN 9781478763932
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/17)

“Some Senses” by Kirk Lee Redden is a unique poetry book as it also includes a novella. But that is not the only unique aspect of this collection. Judging poetry is not an easy task due to its subjective nature; however, its technique and ability to convey a feeling, thought, or message can quantify.

Within this context, I found Redden’s poetry impeccable. His voice is clear throughout, and his messages are loud and clear. I liked the fact that the poetry was featured before the story, as it gives the reader a somewhat introduction of the author’s voice and tone. Although individually, there were some poems that didn’t speak to me, I found that together they induced in me a mood that contributed to my enjoyment of the Novella. There were some poems that did speak to me though. Some of my favorites are, ‘I Sought The Ground,’ ‘Endure,’ and ‘Tear.’ The last one is the one I believe to reflect the tone of “Some Senses” in general. To give an example of the tone, I will quote a portion of ‘Tear’:

“ Sacked and utterly forlorn;
I look to my empty bed.
The storms have risen once again.
I just need to feel a companion or a friend…”

Kirk Lee Redden’s voice and tone is evident in the previous quote, but so it is the feeling readers will embrace within his novella, ‘Cross-veil.’ In this short story, Lucien tries to take back the love of his life from his brother, Balenquist.  But that is not his only battle. It is a tale of right and wrong, sin and forgiveness, and an immense love. I enjoyed this story the most as it captivated me from beginning to end, taking me in an epic journey of love, pain, and forbidden love. What is right and what is wrong become a blur when we fight for what we want.

Overall, I enjoyed “Some Senses” by Kirk Lee Redden, and recommend it as a captivating unique read to all poetry lovers who enjoy epic drama, and thought provoking poetry!


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